Thursday, March 8, 2007

Killing Chivalry

I've heard a bunch about chivalry being dead recently, so here's a simple set of my thoughts on it, as a grrrl ;-)

Killing Chivalry

Killing chivalry felt so good when we were burning bras.
It was all freedom in our younger,

We shook free of oppresion and
in shining armor.

But now that gravity and age have their hold on us
--mortality creeping along, sheltered in unshakeable shadows...
some courtesy, some
is expected.

Now we call it "respect."


We all want it--
need a "little bit."

A door opening when we're heavy laden
("I can do anything a man can do--Better!")
A cab called while we wait with grandkids in the rain.

Not degrading--no finger in the face of equality--
Just kindness.
Call it chivalry

Courtesy, just the same, is courtesy by any other name.

written 3/8/07


writerwoman said...

So true! I am a feminist but I love chivarly and old fashioned men.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Me, too--but I feel it's some strange balancing act at times. I've met some people who feel it's got to be "all or nothing." They can't tolerate men opening a door or pulling out a chair for a woman.

I know who "wears the pants" in my family (it's been the woman for generations) but we're from that tradition that encourages "carrot," not the "stick." ;-)