Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Inspiration Prompt

Sunday Scribblings: Inspiration

Heart like a child
"Immature," some whisper as I pass

Inspiration is never far away--

The word on the tip of my tongue
Tantalizing mental tastebuds

Whispers on the wind

Clouds and shadows tease my eye
Twist my memory

I still catch snowflakes with my mouth
(Never fast enough for popcorn)

Like Pandora's box
I treasure inspiration...
Still peeking
Letting ideas loose from time to time
Like plague on mankind

Racing grocery carts in parking lots
Dancing down store aisles

My son laughs
My husband groans (sometimes dancing, too)

"The rhythm IS gonna' get ya'--"
(So will inspiration)
IF you let it.

Chase it so hard you tire.
Pause, dreaming,
catch your breath
Inspiration always twists and turns--
It'll catch you

A treasure chest, I the pirate digging for inspiration's riches
I've missed the X more than once

But digging's great cardio
So I keep at it

We all need mental exercise

Examine your surroundings
Take a child's-eye view
Ask yourself odd questions
Inspiration will break through...

PS--That's random (unedited--but very true to the way my mind works). Simply, I try to break things down as if I were a visitor from some foreign and distant world. I listen closely to my son (his words and thoughts are golden). I read, I do art (or so people accuse me)... I haven't truly felt uninspired yet (and I stockpile ideas and phrases in fear that some day I might and need a crutch).


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, I loved all these images... mental tastebuds, inspiration like a pirate's treasure chest, dancing down the aisles with your husband...
Now I'm inspired!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thank you Regina--It was fun to think about :-)


RomanceWriter said...

Love this poem! Could I use a line from it for the collage poem? A few other poets have signed up and I am putting it together as we speak. I would, of course, link back to you and cite your poem as the source of the line.

Leave me a note at Poets Who Blog,


Patty said...

"Chase it so hard you tire." Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this.

Susan Abraham said...

Your inspirations sound fragile & promising, tender & whimsical. :-)

gautami tripathy said...

I liked the Pandoras's box analogy...


paris parfait said...

These are wonderful images of inspiring/inspirational and fun things to kick-start creativity!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Sara, I'm flattered. I'll contact you about the collage poem.

Thanks, Patty, the word "brilliant" associated with anything I do just makes me blush :-)

Susan, yes, I think inspiration is too often fragile (like the souls trying to catch it).

Thank you, Gautami, it just suddenly popped into my mind.

Thank you Paris Parfait--it was fun to write and they are fun to experience.

Thanks for visiting, everybody!

Inconsequential said...

most excellent :)


Just Expressing Myself said...

I love those last lines about
taking a child's eye view and asking odd questions.
Thanks for sharing,